"Our two boys (2.0 and 3.75 yrs old) have been enrolled at Kootenai Kids since late August of 2012. We hated to leave our last daycare but were enticed by better hours and proximity, and a good first impression. So far, we are very pleased with Kootenai Kids! The facility is large, clean, and well cared for. The curriculum is definitely making a positive impression, at least on our oldest.   The staff is wonderful. They are kind, genuinely caring, trustworthy, and a good influence. They show a sincere interest in the kids, more than just a job. At this point, moving to KK was an excellent choice, and we hope for their continued success, as it is a direct reflection of our children.

Thank You Ms. Pam and Mrs. Marcia!"

" I just wanted to say thank you to all of you guys for taking care of our daughter for the past two years. Elizabeth was her first teacher and she was always so kind and I felt so comfortable with her. You can tell she loves the children and is just a beam of sunshine! Our daughter absolutely loved her too. The first day we dropped her off was the first time I dropped her off at a place rather than home that she didn't cry immediately - and it was all because of how Elizabeth and the whole K2 was so welcoming and inviting!! 

Then, when she transitioned over to Sarah, Sarah blew me away with her arts and crafts and just how fun and loving she was to the children! My daughter absolutely adored her and looked up to her, and every day would come home and tell me about what fun they had had. My daughter knows how to write all the letters of the alphabet and numbers - and it has a lot to do with Ms. Sarah's consistency in the classroom.

We did have the pleasure of having our daughter in Ms. Challis' class, but I just know she is a fabulous teach and our daughter always talked about 'Ms. Challis' this and 'Ms. Challis' that.

I just wanted to reach out and let you know that and just how thankful we are for all of the teachers and staff at K2. The teachers really make everything amazing!"

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"My little man had only been taken care of by family until we knew he needed more interaction with other children. The K2 staff has been absolutely incredible with his transition to a whole new environment! He struggled with sharing, and just wanting to play when he first arrived, that changed within two weeks! This isn’t truly isn’t a daycare, he is LEARNING AND THRIVING! He comes home everyday excited to sing me a new song, or show me what he made that day. I couldn’t thank the staff enough for their patience and dedication to our sweet boy! Grateful is an understatement for how I feel about the entire staff at K2! We sure love you Challis, Sarah, Elizabeth and Kaitlyn!"

Testimonials from parents