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Our Program

Our philosophy is to offer your child the best possible experience away from home and an opportunity to thrive, while developing a sense of belonging and a feeling of security while he or she is under our care and away from you, his or her parents or guardians. The focus of this preschool is to provide your child with a “blended” day of activities.  Our program blends creative play with an introduction to the classroom setting and teacher-led curriculum, which is predictable, yet flexible. Kootenai Kids Preschool (K2) offers a comprehensive early learning program that provides instruction to develop oral language and early literacy and mathematical skills for children. This program is responsive to the individual needs and interests of your child and promotes learning through exploration and hands-on experiences.

 A goal of K2 is to improve outcomes for your child in the areas of:

• Cognition

• Functional abilities

• Early reading/writing

• Language competencies

• Oral language

• Phonological processing

• Mathematics achievement

• Social-emotional development

 A Typical Day at K2 for all of the children:

Your child will be under adult supervision at all times, as per the city of Boise code for early childhood child care regulations.  Your child will be able to explore all of the activities at K2 at her own pace. Although your child will be required to follow the basic rules and, when appropriate, remain in a group setting, she or he may participate at any comfortable level.   The Library is available throughout the day, our quiet room with books, if your child would like to rest or find some individual space.

7:30              Opening

7:30-8:30      Arrival and free play time

8:30-10:00    Preschool for all ages

10:00-10:30  Potty, snack, free play (Outside, weather permitting)

10:30-11:30  Preschool for all ages

11:30-1:00    Lunch, potty, free play (Outside)

1:00-3:00      Nap/rest time

3:00-3:45      Potty, snack, free play

3:45-5:00      Activity time: art, music, puzzles, games, library, or sometimes outside play in spring/summer/fall

5:00-5:30     Free play (Outside, weather permitting) and departure

5:30             Closed